Q: What is a Group Ride?

A: A group ride is a walking only ride where we can add other riders that would like to ride on the same trail. 

Q:Can my child ride in front of me on 1 horse?

A: NO, double riding is dangerous and not permitted for any reason.

Q: What should I wear?

A: Closed toed shoes are required, long pants and sweatshirts are recommended. Dress in layers! Sunscreen is always a good idea!

Q: What is the average tip for a guide?

A: tips are customarily measured much like in a restaurant, however our trail guides (wranglers) are thankful for any tip they receive.

Q: Is there a weight limit?

A: We can accommodate most riders. We mount ALL riders from a mounting block and have heavy duty horses that can more comfortably take bigger riders. There may be trail restrictions for heavier riders. Please call and talk to us and we will let you know your options.

Q:Is there an age requirement for children?

A: Yes, all children must be 6 years of age to ride on the trail. We do offer pony rides for children under 6 years old. Older children are welcome to enjoy a pony ride as well 

Q: Do we get to Gallop?

A: Unless you are a jockey in racing silks, we are not going to gallop. Galloping is what race horses do and it requires high level of skill and practice. If you would like to pick up the pace a bit, you can book a private ride. If the guide feels  each rider is safe and secure in the saddle, there are opportunities to trot and canter.

Q: What is a Private Ride?

A: Private ride often provide the opportunity to trot or canter if all riders are safe and secure in the saddle. Your party will have your own trail guide.